16 May
May 16, 2016
Moving Tips

Finding a Good Moving Company

We all know when it comes to hiring a good moving company can be terrifying to say the least. How can you know if they won’t break your things, charge more than you agreed to, or simply pack your things into a truck and disappear? Luckily, you can keep away from these awful situations  with a little learning and research. 

  1. Decide how far you intend on  moving

How would you know if moving your family to a different city is the best thing to do? when thinking about relocation, wheather for business or personal reasons, don’t overthink it the considerations. Try not to focus on all the things you may lose but the things that you will gain for your relocation. The sooner you get your situation right, the better fit you will be for when the big day comes to move.

How will this affect my relationship? 

Are  you single, in your mid 20?  Do you do a lot of  traveling, When you are young and career focused great situations can sometimes land you in a different location. maybe even thousands of miles away from where you grew up. If you are in a relationship and your partner isn’t up to the move like  you are., things can heat up. This is something to consider.

The reputation and experience of a moving company says it all. Yelp and other review sites are a great platform to see what other clients think of the company you may be considering to hire. Knowing what to expect upfront from a potential company beforehand gives you headway.  You cancheck how long they have been in business, have they done moves like the one your are requesting. Please note that all moving companies do all moves. some specialize in some moves that other just don’t offer. Piano moving is a great example.


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