Why Hire Piano Movers?

When you are moving to a new residence and you happen to own a piano, you should not let the regular house movers do the task of moving the piano unless they are experienced. Believe it or not most regular movers aren’t ‘professional piano movers’. In the Bay Area, we are one the best professional piano movers that can be hired. Top Flight Movers have received adequate training and are equipped with the right tools on how to properly move a piano. You can never go wrong when hiring an experienced team and you can rest assured your piano is in good hands when moving.

A piano is not just a typical musical instrument, it is an expensive purchase that its owner can consider it as part of his or her assets. Depending on the make, brand and model, a piano could cost 20 thousand dollars up to half a million dollars. No wonder why you should not entrust your piano to regular house movers and instead hire expert piano movers to deal with it. Pianos aren’t light because they weigh somewhere between 500 up to 900 lbs. Imagine trying to move that thing outside of the house given that some houses have narrow doorways. This is why you need to hire pro piano movers because they have the right tools and equipments in dealing with this task.

Most of the time, the best piano movers go to work equipped with piano skids, moving pads, safety gloves, slings and ramps. These tools are the most common that they use in order to assist them in moving pianos just to make sure that the piano would reach the transportation vehicle intact and without any scratches. There are instances when the piano movers have to disassemble the piano because it would be impossible for them to move the thing out of the house. Since they are experts when it comes to moving pianos then you do not have to worry if they are able to assemble it back again because for sure they are knowledgeable with it.

As mentioned, there are a lot of affordable piano movers in the Bay Area. The only challenge would be choosing the best one that is suitable for your needs. Piano movers in Bay Area vary in terms of rates and services that is why it is important for you to do your research and make sure that you are getting the right price out of their services.